No, I haven’t been betrayed by a friend. I don’t post about that stuff and I’m surrounded by the most supportive friends and family a guy could ask for. It’s my body, my oldest partner who is betraying me. In all honesty though, I have asked a lot of this old bag of muscle and bone. I’ve lived and played hard. Football until I was 30. Ten years of laying tile and hardwood floors. Almost nine years of loading packages for UPS and now I need to ask it to drive the big brown truck and deliver for another twenty. With Parkinson’s. My body has always answered the call however. Despite being thirty and playing with kids right out of high school and college, together we were 4th on the Twin Cities Cougars in tackles despite splitting time with my brother at our position. For the better part of a decade we put down some of the best custom floors in this area. It has been through two shoulder surgeries, spinal fusion surgery at L3-L4 in 2008, and just last July bicep and elbow surgery that has cost me eleven months of work and set me physically, emotionally and financially back at square one. My scars are legion and I love them all but now their true weight is starting to show as my body starts to fail in unusual ways. Just typing these is a challenge. My right hand just doesn’t respond to fine motor skills. Sometimes it won’t push the keys far enough, sometimes it pushes them twice. Eventually these posts will be full of typos and they will just have to serve as a symbol of my disease, but not yet. I’m still stubborn and prideful enough to backspace and do it again. How can I complain though? With everything this bag of bones has been through it has always been there for me. Now it will just keep answering the call despite a lack of Dopamine from my brain telling it what to do. No problem, despite having trouble tying my shoes some mornings we might just end up chasing state records in the deadlift and squat this year. Some might ask “Why not take it easy and enjoy the rest of your life?” Well, this IS how I enjoy my life. Working hard and supporting my family and myself as well as training to be the best version of me I can be. Plus, I have felt a duty ever since my diagnosis to carry this thing well and show others with similar afflictions that you can still not just survive, but you can excel in spite your so-called handicap. I am not special. You can do this too. All you have to do is never give up. “Pain is temporary…if I quit however, it will last forever”- Eric Thomas. “You can’t un-quit.” – Josh Robinson. Did I just quote myself? Yeah that just happened. Now go shift that perspective, focus on what you CAN do instead of what you CAN’T and go get ’em.