Just let it go. Someone hurt you. Something’s been weighing on your mind. Maybe it’s even caused you to start losing sleep. Just let it go. “One minute of anger robs you of 60 seconds of happiness. So decide it doesn’t matter. Let it go, and experience the dignity and the magnanimous sense of character of being big enough to move on and get on with your life.” – Les Brown. How many days do you have left here? Yeah, I don’t know either. So why waste any of it carrying around Anger. Resentment. Envy. By carrying it around you give it weight that eventually breaks your own back, but by letting go you are empowered by the realization that the power lies within yourself to be free of it. Your happiness is yours for the taking. Grip on to that! I’m not about to say it’s easy. Far, Far from it. It has taken me almost two years to come to this realization and it took the death of someone who inspired me to finally crystallize the thought into reality. R.I.P. Greg Plitt. May the perseverance that I am now blessed with serve as one small stone in the mountain that is your legacy. I don’t care that I have this disease. Does it make things harder for me? Yes. Has it already taken much from me? You bet. Does the knowledge of what is going to happen to me frighten me? It does, but I choose to be happy about the fact that I have the opportunity to help others who fight the same fear. Those who know me are aware that I’ve battled insomnia for about a year now. Not anymore. This clarity that I’ve found has given me four consecutive nights of restful sleep. That’s the power of thinking positive. So let it go….and hold on.

“You only live once. But if you work it right, once is enough my friends” – Greg Plitt 1977-2015