They say the first step is always the hardest. I don’t necessarily agree. Today was the first day of my year-long “Flight” Olympic Weightlifting program from Barbell Shrugged. Let me just say that with as much value as I try to give each day since my diagnosis, committing to give up 365 out of my imaginary stockpile of 7,447 is a HUGE deal. That is how much desperate importance I give to maintaining my athleticism for as long as I can though. So in that light, today’s first step was actually easy. It’s maintaining our focus and attention that is difficult. It’s just human nature to always look for the next best thing so the difficult days are going to come in the next few months. You might not believe this, but if you keep an open mind, there are a few good things about having your life put on a clock. One of those is a certain clarity that I feel allows me to really see how important time really is. So for me, staying the course might be easier than it is for my new friends and fellow Flight-students. The way I look at it, each day I toil in this program might earn me ten more days of good health. No brainer right? Well the truth is my days are no more important than any other persons, I’ve just been made to SEE, to brutally, blindingly see how important our time is. So to my new friends in Flight I say “Stay the course”. The same goes for everyone though, not just my fellow weightlifters. Do everything you can to make the most out of each day and when the Dog Days come to grind you down, remember why you started. Remember what you wanted and how important it is. It’s not the victory or defeat that makes us, it’s the fight to make it through to the end that defines our character and improves the quality of our lives. So stay the course, believe me it’s worth it.