“The opportunity of a lifetime exists only in the lifetime of the opportunity.” – Eric Thomas. I know in my life I have missed many opportunities due to the notion that there is always be tomorrow. Unfortunately, one of these days that won’t be true. The only way to live forever does not involve your body but rather your deeds and actions. The impact of the things we do and the way they are remembered by those we leave behind allows the most important parts of us to live on. So my opportunity is starting right now. This new program that I started this week lasts a full year and will give me some tools to fight my disease and make the most of the following 7,447 days. Week one has already showed many things that will be extremely difficult for me, but I am shifting my perspective. This is no longer an Olympic Lifting program, it is an opportunity of a lifetime. Overcoming the challenges in just getting into some of these positions will put weapons in my hands to fight my disease for the rest of this life. This is an opportunity that I will not miss. Not in this lifetime!