Just a quick update on my condition. I badly need the medicine that disagrees with me the most: total rest. While this last Friday (7/10/2015) was really a huge day for me, it took an incredible toll on my system.I took part in the USS (United States Strongman) Iron Gauntlet Challenge held at my gym, Ironborn Strength I managed to set a national record with 12 reps in 60 seconds on a 415lb. Deadlift. This was after setting a meet PR in the Conventional Deadlift of 570 lbs. and tying a PR in the 18″ (high blocks) Deadlift of 650lbs. There is no way of knowing if that’s the first official strength sport record set by a person with Parkinson’s, but it’s likely and therefore it’s worth the price that I’m paying now. The guy I took the record from is over ten years younger, healthy, and actively gunning to beat me.If you’re a fellow PwP, take heart and get moving because we can still hang with ’em.

The toll has been heavy though and I fully planned on resting this entire week from training with any intensity at all. That plan survived until Monday morning. After a weekend of stiff muscles and zero energy, I woke up feeling great and had the absurd idea that I would use my new strength to max out in the Squat. Needless to say that did not go well and I was lucky I was able to get out from under a 475lb PR attempt. Follow that up with an attempt today to run a current workout from my Flight Olympic lifting program and I have now managed to fully deplete my nervous system and pretty much surrender my body temporarily to tremors and weakness. This is a hard lesson to learn but I have now learned it….the very hard way.

Out of force of habit I was about to say, I have no idea why it’s so hard for me to rest. The truth is, I know exactly why. I keep falling back to this need to cram everything into today for fear that tomorrow I might not be able to do as much. Well that may be true, but lapses in judgement and control like this are only going to speed the process along. As this is meant to be just a quick update, let me close with this: All of my regular mantras hold true. “If you want to keep moving, then get moving”. “You’re never out of the fight”. “results don’t matter nearly as much as effort”, etc,etc. All of these are true and I live by them, but they require a small footnote: “Be driven, but do not drive yourself out of desperation and fear.”  I am paying the price for this lesson as I write this. My right hand hardly works and I barely get my right foot up when I walk. Tonight and probably tomorrow the tremors will be bad and I will have trouble swallowing. These things will pass for now but the lesson I’ve learned will most definitely not. Keep fighting hard but stay within your realistic abilities. Constantly push on the walls of the box that life has made for you, but don’t burn it to the ground! Be ruled by fire, not fear.

Until next time, be strong