THIS IS PD – WEEK 1 (8/10 – 8/16) Milestone PR & and my first fall

-In the future I expect this section to be much shorter and more concise but I wanted to kick this weekly update off  with some recent history.

-Saturday was a HUGE Milestone PR in the Deadift. While loading the bar for the cover photos on the front page of this site, I was working in some singles just to test the waters. When 495 & 545 both came up fairly easy I decided to use some extra motivation I had from earlier in the day and go for my 6-plate milestone.  After failing twice with my Conventional stance, I switched to Sumo and got it locked out. It was very ugly, and likely red-lighted in competition, but at 585lbs it’s a 15lb PR over my previous best.

-Had a great day personally Saturday as well, and that was a big part of my success with 585. First, I got the chance to see one of my Flight teammates, Jet Cara, compete at a Weightlifting Comp in Rocklin. On my way to the car I crossed paths with Scott Hisaka of Cal Strength. This was a big deal for me because Cal Strength videos are a big part of what got me into Olympic weightlifting. He was a really nice guy, and while I’m sure he get’s bothered at events like that all the time, he took the time to meet me and is actually going to follow this story.


-SUNDAY: Had my first fall. 585lb DLs are okay, but walking up steps is tough? No movement is automatic anymore.

-MONDAY: Good range of motion on Front Squats (265 x 3 with a 7sec.bottom hold). Split Squats! Started the Balance Project, looking to use these to gain stability on the right leg because I will not surrender it to PD yet.

-TUESDAY: Pretty bad day. Tried to get some simple volume in on Bench Press. Bench was fine for 5 x 5 @ 245 but my right shoulder really stiffened up afterwards to the point where I couldn’t do Flight at all (or anything else for that matter).

-WEDNESDAY: The hits keep coming. Even taking my ZMA again, couldn’t fall asleep until after 1am yet just woke up after 3 hours. Wide awake but exhausted and lonely.

-WEDNESDAY pt2: The extended active rest phase did wonders for my strength and energy. Had one of my best Deadlift sessions I can remember, last 3 sets going 495 x 5 reps. Not sure I’ve ever done that.

-THURSDAY: Had to finish yesterday’s work today. Balance Project part 2: Walking lunges: stayed at 185 stepping all the way through, a few stumbles. Split Squats: went huge with 40 more pounds of chain to total 175 for 5 very shaky reps on the right leg, left leg totally fine with. This is a big early increase.

-FRIDAY: Very sad, have to say goodbye to Oly lifting, read about it here. Finished on a high note though. Reclaiming the Bench Press: Close Grip Bench up to 255 x 3, 225 x 5,5 and 7 on the last set.

-SATURDAY: Well my Squat workout sucked, balance might be starting to be an issue but I made up for it with a friend visiting the gym and letting me teach her to Squat, then racing with Tire Flips. I don’t flip tires ok? and I did take the big one but yeah, she beat me…bad.

-SUNDAY: Best week ever? Got to meet and train with a Flight teammate and was motivated to hit another Deadlift PR and cross into 600 territory with a much cleaner 605. So starting last weekend we have meeting two Flight teammates, meeting Scott Hisaka, DLing 6 plates, making huge gains in the first week of my Balance Project, racing tire flips with a gorgeous girl, and finally DLing over 6 hundy. On the down side we have: walking away from Olympic Weightlifting (actually truly broke my heart), falling down and getting denied for dinner AND losing the tire flip race. Yep, best week EVUUURRRR.