THIS IS PD – WEEK 2 (8/17 – 8/23) Enough bummin’ – 15 year old Lifetime PR

-Two big developments last week have led to another change in plans and if life isn’t fluid, then I don’t know what is. My plan for the year was to not compete again until wrapping up the Flight program in early 2016, but with the sad realization that the Olympic lifts are already beyond my capabilities, there’s really not much point in that. In Flight, we encourage everyone to compete, so I’ve decided to gear up again. The huge surge in my Deadlift with two PRs last week sealed the deal. We’re having a local meet at Ironborn mid-October, but I’m going to program for a peak on November 7th at the Sacramento Open.


  • MONDAY: This disease sucks. Right hand tremor, restless legs squirming, trouble swallowing and typing this is hard. It’s like it’s alive and pissed off that I felt great last night.
  • TUESDAY: More challenges incoming. First visit with the PT for the left elbow. MRI shows “Tendinosis with significant structural change”. Was told I was about to have another tear so I guess my decision to let the Oly lifting go was right. Getting tired of doing the right thing meaning I have to lose something I love.
  • WEDNESDAY: Realization hit me, I replaced Flight almost instantly with a new competition to train for. I wonder how I’m going to handle not being able to be competitive.
  • WEDNESDAY: Dinner with Danielle, as I walked up I think it was the first time I was self-conscious of my limp. I wonder if that’s how women see me now. So glad we’re still close, but me letting self-pity and martyrdom give me an excuse to push her away is the reason I truly hate this disease. That was uncalled for PD. Fuck you very much. Sorry if you find this too personal (I sure do.), but I think it’s something that a lot of people deal with after diagnosis and it’s a chance for me to say: Pull them close, don’t push them away.
  • SATURDAY: Jesus, what a depressing post! I got my 3-plate 315lb Bench Press back tonight. That’s better! For the first time in like 15 years even AND with elbow tendinosis. The elbow didn’t hurt at all so this meet could have a real 3-lift total this time.

Not the greatest week, but a lot of good did happen. Focusing on that and moving on. Tomorrow starts the Base Strength block of my training for the Sacramento Open and I have three people starting the program with me who will be doing the meet at our gym. Time to see if I’m still a good coach. I’m also less lonely, or maybe just adapted to the thought of being alone for now. Surely it won’t be forever. Have a great week friends.benchgoal_misty