THIS IS PD – WEEK 3 (8/24 – 8/30) New medical team wanted & potential road trip

-As usual attempts to set this record will continue to attract obstacles. The Sacramento Open is already full and I’m 4th on the waiting list. There is another meet on the same day…ten hours away in El Cajon. If that’s what it takes then it’s road trip time. Giving it a couple of weeks then I’ll have to register for the meet all the way down on the Mexico border. That means solo mission, no support, but so much more epic. I guess I don’t really care which way it turns out.


  • MONDAY-TUESDAY: More prescription and Doctor contact problems. Went to pick up my Pramipexole to find out there are no more refills. The Pharmacy had tried a week before to contact Dr. Thakur’s office but got no call back. I tried to call, he and his M.A. are unavailable. I leave an urgent message but am told it will be 24-48 hours even after explaining that I am without my medication to control my symptoms. Eventually had to get my regular Doc to call in a refill but the 2-day window behind the med screen was un-nerving to say the least. Hand in mild tremor roughly 75% of the time when resting, leg drag was worse than ever and just felt shaky and unsteady overall. Still, training was hard but it helped a lot.
  • THURSDAY: Still no call back from Thakur’s office. Never got a call back to set up an appointment either.  I’m not really missing much anyway, a 5 minute conversation, maybe observe my walk then talk about the medication. Time to call my fellow PwP Ray about his medical “team”. Maybe they’ll be as invested in this as I am. Not to mention, I’ve never forgotten the time I was 15 minutes late after a 45 minute drive because of construction at THEIR hospital and he wouldn’t fit me in. He made me come back weeks later. No brainer really.
  • WEEKEND:  Ashley turned 19 on Friday and I couldn’t be more proud. Had my first brush with real fear on the same day though. First PD related fear that is. My limp has been getting terrible, with my foot often not leaving the ground. My Squat has really suffered lately, and for the first time I had trouble walking the weight out of the rack. I know it sounds shallow but I need to compete. This is how I fight and it seems really early in the battle to be having weapons taken away already.

-Not the best week but I do what I do, survive until I can thrive. I’ve got 2 important pieces to write and one of them could be the best opportunity I will ever have to get this story told. I’ve been holding off  and waiting for something good to write about but that is the wrong way to tell this story. This is real life, not a fairy tail. It’s time to get back to it.