THIS IS PD – WEEK 5 (9/7 – 9/13) An old adversary, an old friend and a new medical team.


  • MONDAY: My right leg is REALLY tightening up. Its to the point where it’s very uncomfortable at the hip to sit down. Spent an hour total on three separate mobility sessions, all working on the upper legs. Working on my big writing project, I actually had to spend a lot of time kneeling, with my keyboard on an ottoman because I couldn’t sit. Squats held steady from last week but at this point I’m needing gains week to week.
  • TUESDAY: Nausea from the Lexapro is gone already. Tough to tell if it’s actually making me feel better yet. My thoughts are it’ll probably be a slight difference over time.
  • WEDNESDAY: Contacted UCSF about being seen there, 7-10 day review process once Dr. Brar, my GP makes the referral. Time to step my medical team’s game up and Dr. Aminoff is a very renowned Neuro who was recommended by an old friend, Sabra Loney McDunn. Sabra is definitely the best story of this week. She was my first real girlfriend from about 12 years old at Summer Camp at Point Reyes, some of the best memories I have from my childhood. Catching up with her and hearing how highly someone you cared about has thought of you has done more to help my mood than any medication could. No need to get excited, no romance coming to these pages, she’s happily married. Thank you Sabra, you made my week.
  • THURSDAY- FRIDAY: I’ve been getting 3-4 hours sleep, waking up between 3 and 4 despite not getting to sleep until 1 am usually. Managed to “sleep in” until 5:30 today.
  • SATURDAY: I’ll be damned, I woke up at 4 but managed to get back to sleep and total up 6 hours. There is hope  on that front, BUT restless leg during the day is starting to be an occasional thing. Definitely need to up the dose on the meds. That is a process that I fight to keep as slow as possible and I’ve held it off for two years. I’ll give ground this time and fight for 4 years before the next increase.
  • SUNDAY: I really miss good sleep. Time to try Onnit.