THIS IS PD – WEEK7 (9/21 – 9/27) Once more unto the breach, dear friends

I try to keep these weekly posts to a simple accounting of the day to day ups and downs of life with PD, but this week starts my most important training phase to date. In other words, my daily “bullet points” might tend to get a bit philosophical.


Training Log for this week


  • MONDAY: Sleep continues to be improved, possibly with help from the antidepressant and my low back pain is finally starting to ease up. Just in time to start peaking for the Sonoran Desert Open on 11/7/15. I couldn’t wait any longer for the Sacramento Open which is the same day and only 45 minutes away. Why would I enter a meet that is a 9 hour drive from home, requiring me to leave 2 days beforehand to make early weigh-ins, all while water-loading? Because I don’t know how much longer I can keep doing this and I am determined to show that it’s possible to stand shoulder to shoulder with elite athletes in spite of this damned affliction. Is this crazy? Yes. But “If you want to produce unreasonable results in your life, like living your dream and taking charge of your destiny, you’ve got to be an unreasonable person.” – Les Brown.
  • TUESDAY – WEDNESDAY: Good sleep! (5-6 hours qualifies for me) Good start to training. Elbow feeling better, and I’m going back to work November 2nd. Really awkward timing with the travel required for my meet.
  • THURSDAY: After logging in this journal yesterday everything crashed. Energy level dropped to where I wasn’t able to train and tremors took over my right leg. Every minute or so it was like a build up of nervous energy that would overflow and the leg would just have to spasm. Kind of like a jackhammer action. So thankful for a phone call from my ex-wife Danielle to talk me through it because it was a scary window on the future. Plus side: I’m better today (though shaky legs are becoming more frequent) and I got 7 hours of sleep.
  • WEEKEND: Back clearing up. Sleep continues to get better. Right hand tremor is pretty frequent now and the leg shaking is still there occasionally. No word from UCSF on my referral, but I’m definitely going to need a medication increase.

Less than two months from my next show and training is off to a decent start, yet I do have things to work on. October is busy with the Strongman Spectacle at the Redding Bike Show on the 10th and our home gym meet The Iron Gauntlet on the 17th. Looking forward to both, but my priority in training has to be The Sonoran Desert Open next month. The more I think about it, the more I realize how crazy it is to drive 10 hours for a Powerlifting meet, and the more I love it. It’s also time to start planning my solo backpacking trip for afterwards. All I know is I want to see no sign of man for days, hold my own life in my hands for a bit, and then walk back out of the woods ready to move on with the rest of this life.