THIS IS PD – WEEK 8 (9/28 – 10/4) The Good News / Bad News Sandwich

Training Log – Peak Block

Due to an uneventful week, I’m going to break the format of this journal and skip the bullet points this week and just give the update on this PD affair. Being unsure as to whether I should open or close with the bad news, I’ve decided on neither. This week it’s a news sandwich, and I’m using the good news for the bread.

First, and this is bittersweet to me, I got my spot in the Sacramento Open. No more driving ten hours to the Sonoran Desert. This is great news for the convenience, and it means I will have a lot of support there. On the other hand, I was looking forward to the challenge and I find that lately, I relish any opportunity to exercise my independence. I’m trying to come to terms with the fact that I won’t always have it.

The bad news is, PD is noticeably progressing. I’m still waiting to hear from UCSF on my referral to their neurology department and in the meantime, my symptoms continue to be resistant to the current dose of the medication. In addition, I’ve picked up tremors in the right leg now too. It’s really like Restless Leg Syndrome and it is driving me nuts. No longer is it just an occasional nighttime visitor, it’s been fairly regular during the day this week too. I plan on talking to UCSF about being more aggressive in treatment and trying to really restore some of my motor control, including Deep Brain Stimulation and the new MRI guided ultrasound surgery.

Always close with good news if you can! Despite all of my troubles with my legs and their interference with my squat, I managed a lifetime best PR of 465 lbs this week with knee sleeves only. It’s the first one since my last meet and only the second one of the year. After a horrible first attempt, it took tapping into a lot of rage, including cursing out loud at the bar “I will squat this fucking weight, I will beat this fucking disease….motherfucker!”. A bit embarrassing, but I’m not ashamed. It’s my release and psycho-therapy as well as an example of taking negative energy in your life and channeling it for good use.

Until next week, thanks for following along.