THIS IS PD – WEEK 9 (10/5 – 10/11) Now we’re cooking

Training Log – Peak Block

First, apologies to the few followers of this page for letting it slip for most of the week. Things are getting hectic. I just did my first strongman show yesterday and that marks the first of three competitions in a month. I may only care about the Sacramento Open powerlifting meet on November 7th, but I don’t know how to NOT be competitive in the other two. Next week is our home gym meet to establish gym records and I have two athletes to prepare for it besides myself. I actually care more about their totals than I do my own. I know sooner rather than later I’m going to be  more of a coach than an athlete.

On top of everything else, I really need to get on these doctors. I haven’t heard anything from UCSF on my referral, so it’s time to get on the phone. The truth is the meds aren’t much help anymore. My limp / shuffle is worse than ever and the new tremors in the legs are fairly regular now. To be perfectly honest, I felt a little self-conscious walking through the casino with the other athletes yesterday. PD is making up some ground. I plan to try to really get these docs to be aggressive this time. I’m not your normal patient. I’m trying to do big things with this disease. New drugs? Let’s give it a shot. New brain surgery? Bring it, ain’t scared. Time to renew this fight. If PD thinks I might be getting tired or it might have me on the ropes, it’s dead wrong.