THIS IS PD – WEEK 10 (10/12-10/18) The runaround

Back to bullet points! …but first, more blah blah blah. Starting the week off, things are getting crazy. Just finished the strongman show last weekend, our home gym meet is this weekend, and the Sacramento Open and the next shot at the California Master’s Deadlift record is on November 7th. Add in that I’m going back to work on the 2nd of November all while trying to try to get two medical offices on the same page so I can get some treatment for this little thing called Parkinson’s and my boring and far too long vacation just got manic.

Training Log – Peak Block


  • MONDAY: I’m so close to leaving these typos in. PD and typing are like oil and water. Strongman show this weekend was a favor to my gym owner and it was fun. I’m glad I did it, BUT….My bicep and elbow hurt again. Plus side: My craziest, heaviest squat session ever last night, but still having trouble hitting depth.
  • TUESDAY: Elbow is as bad as it’s been and the bicep feels like it has fish- hooks in it. That’s exactly what my right one felt like last year before it needed surgery and a tendon graft. Not going to happen, going back to work on the second and doing the Open on the 7th. Might not be able to train Bench or Deadlift until then and may skip them in the home meet, but I’m taking this shot. Not sure how many I have left. Long ass “bullet point”
  • WEDNESDAY: Icing the elbow and taking as much of the super-anti-inflammatory Indomethicin as I can. I still plan on Deadlifting 600+ to smash the record and setting a PR on the Bench Press with 320+. Ready to charge through a brick wall for this. Update on the doctor situation: UCSF has requested more history from my doc. Officially in limbo now and symptoms are currently laughing at my medications.
  • THURSDAY: Elbow and bicep are improving slightly, I think due mostly to the anti-inflammatory. On another note , I’m really having to force myself to type with both hands. I must continue to use the right one or it will get worse. Man, is it dumb though.
  • FRIDAY: Weigh in today for our gym’s home powerlifting meet, The Iron Siege. 45 minutes in the sauna to finish off a crazy last minute decision to cut 7lbs to 220 in only 36 hours. Water loading works and I feel fine.
  • SATURDAY:Meet day and my tremors were bad as soon as I woke up. Doubled up on my meds and it seemed to help. The Iron Siege: Squat: 435, 455 miss for depth, 475 PR; Bench 305, 320 failed PR attempt due to serious left bicep pain, no 3rd attempt; Deadlift: 565 , 2 attempts at 620 failed at lockout; A PR TOTAL of: 1345. I went straight to 620 because that’s what I needed for my goal of a 1400 total. I would rather fail big than succeed small.
  • SUNDAY: Tremor is bad again today. Not sure if I should keep doubling my medication or not. Worried about my bicep. I think it’s only a matter of time before I get a matching surgical scar on the left arm.