THIS IS PD – WEEK 11 (10/19-10/25) Overcoming Challenges & Last Minute Good News

Closing out the peaking block of my prep for the Sacramento Open on Thursday. From there, it’s just the 15 day taper and the moment is here. Will I have enough to finally set that state deadlift record or will I come up inches short again? I have beaten that pull by over 30lbs in training, now it’s almost time to make it real. After being on the horizon forever, it now seems like it’s speeding up. As usual, obstacles are mounting up. Mobility problems are making hitting squat depth difficult and I’m pretty sure the left bicep is partially torn. If it was easy, it wouldn’t be worth chasing. Amended goals after last weekends warm-up comp: Squat 485, Bench 315, Deadlift 605, Total 1405.



  • MONDAY – TUESDAY: Coming to the realization that my old life isn’t coming back. This was hard to accept because it means that I failed a test at a crucial moment in life. I let PD make me a martyr. For a few months, I thought it was better to be alone. Those 3 months killed a 15 year relationship and I was too scared and prideful to take it back when I could. Now it’s too late and in order to move on I have to give up again. Not something I’m good at.
  • WEDNESDAY: Bicep remains very strained. I may have to use a false grip on the bench press if it’s legal. Another meet with a sub-standard bench.
  • THURSDAY – SUNDAY: Still no word from UCSF on the referral. So much happening right now.  I go back to work next Monday with the elbow and bicep very much in doubt and nothing to rely on but a high tolerance for pain.  I view this as the last gauntlet I have to run to get my full-time position and get this life back on track. The week after that is the Sacramento Open.
  • LAST MINUTE ADD: Good news! Started the supercompensation phase of my taper Saturday night with Band-Assisted Deadlifts up to 635 lbs. Not only did I fully lock it out this time, but there is no bicep pain the day after. This could happen.