THIS IS PD – CATCH UP TIME! WEEKS 13,14,15 (11/2-11/22) The best weeks of my PD life! Then, PD’s revenge.

***WOW, i forgot to publish this back in November***

First, if you are new to this blog, you really want to read this post: CULMINATION – This is what you can do with Parkinson’s

I say, if you only read one post from this blog, let CULMINATION be the one. It is the whole story, from soup to nuts, as well as a big window into why I do this.

WEEK 13 (11/2-11/8) – Not much to report. Uneventful, light training and recovery leading up to the Sacramento Open. I set a PR in my squat, pretty sure I became the first person with PD to break a powerlifting record. I think I’ve covered that (with almost 3,000 words) elsewhere….

WEEK 14 (11/9-11/15)

  • MONDAY – THURSDAY: Lived on cloud nine after completing a huge goal at the Sacramento Open. Made new friends and contacts in the sport. The amount of respect I received from so many people I have looked up to has been both humbling and life affirming. I finally know for a fact that I am on the right track as far as living with this disease. I am a powerlifter and excelling in that sport is the best way that I can showcase what you can do with Parkinson’s
  • FRIDAY: ABSOLUTELY LIFE-CHANGING!!! Drove to San Francisco to meet with Dr. Maya Katz and Dr Nijee Luthra. After a very thorough intake, we talked about me and what I do for a long time. They were even enthusiastic about watching LIVE YOUR LIFE my latest and best video from the CULMINATION blog post. After seeing it, they want me to speak at an Early-Onset PD support group. BEST OF ALL: I have been under-medicated and it turns out that this level of struggle that I’ve prepared myself to endure is not necessary. Upping my conservative, entry-level medications to the maximum but if I don’t feel GREAT in 2 weeks, I need to call the office and we progress until I feel not just good, but GREAT. I honestly did not think that was something I could expect in my life again. They also share my feelings on taking advantage of Deep Brain Stimulation Surgery as early as necessary. Potentially in a couple of years when these medication levels start to lose their effectiveness.
  • SUNDAY: I have wanted another Jeep ever since I had to trade my old ’42 Willy’s Flat Fender for a Honda <facepalm…I HAD to>. After the car trouble last Friday almost prevented me from making it to the meet that has changed my life, I had to start shopping. I promised myself that I was going to stick to my guns and get the Jeep that I wanted rather than the responsible truck or econo car this time. Honestly, the reason being, when I lose the ability to drive, it will be too late. Well the best week of my PD life ended with me responding to the first on-line ad I found on a 2005 Wrangler. The deal couldn’t have been easier, I walked in with a down payment and 2hrs later drove it home. By far the best part was having a chance to do what I do there. For her privacy, I won’t disclose the lot owner’s affliction, but in the course of conversation, it came up that I have PD. After she talked to me about her condition and how rough it’s been, she wanted to see this website and the video above. For once, I was able to actually see the difference that it made to someone who really needed a new outlook. A great life-affirming end to a monumentally great week.

WEEK 15 (11/16-11/22)

  • MONDAY – TUESDAY: Symptoms have been escalating, frankly, but I know the new med levels will take a bit to have an effect. Unable to sleep Monday night, but I got 6 hours on Tuesday. This is the most important thing Dr. Katz wants me to work on.
  • WEDNESDAY: PD gets revenge for the great week I had after drop-kicking it at the Sac Open. As soon as I woke up at 3:30, I knew it was a bad day. I had no idea how bad though. Fifteen minutes after getting to work, everything started to crash. My energy levels dropped. I could hardly move my right arm and leg. I even had trouble speaking without a stutter. After UPS insisted on driving me home, I fell asleep for another 6 hours. As horrifying as this was, I woke up to something amazing. Barbell Shrugged has shared my Instagram video of the record breaking deadlift to their 61,000 subscribers, allowing me to wake up to an outpouring of support from friends and a few people I’ve never met. I’m living a somewhat amazing life right now.