Going through some old posts with a new friend, I found a few from the start of this blog that remind me the course I’ve set myself. I’m proud to see that a tough year hasn’t caused me to drift. The winds have been fierce, but so far this aging battleship holds hard and true.

Robinson vs. Parkinson's

It’s 3:45a.m. and insomnia is back. I had it beat there for a few days but there’s no getting around bio-chemistry. You see, the main problem with Parkinson’s is that it causes a deficiency in the neuro-transmitter Dopamine which is responsible for communicating movement demands to the body. The medicine that I take does help the symptoms, but it’s just not very smart. It doesn’t make me hyper at all but it just floods the brain with neuro-transmitters which makes it very hard to even want to sleep at night. So I’m bummed because I need to sleep. It is vital for recovering from training. In fact, with the amount of sleep I’ve been missing my body’s Testosterone production is surely almost non-existent. This mystifies me as to how I’ve been able to keep making gains in my training in spite of this deficiency. Mind over matter? Maybe. I strongly…

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