Falk Wünsch – I Have To Tell Something

Beauty is difficult to define. That’s a concept that I’ve thought about for some time now, and when you live your life in a constant struggle to simply maintain who you are, finding beauty becomes one of the most important things you can do. It gives us both the strength to keep moving forward, and something to move towards.

For those of us who carry a burden like Parkinson’s, it’s often necessary to find it in dark places. We are like a lone knight, standing watch while staring into a far too rapid sunset. The light dives for the horizon while we try to protect what’s ours. A steady hand. A firm stride…our independence. On this lonely vigil, if all we see are the shadows and the night, then why do we stand?

Our armor is heavy. The drugs, the therapies… often painful and an affliction themselves. Why not cast it aside?…

Because we choose to see the beauty behind the shadow.

Since joining the Parkinson’s community three years ago, I have seen strength on a scale that exists in no gym you will ever find and beauty beyond my ability to describe.

Strength is defined in many ways. It’s what I am known for. It is both the ability to press the attack and to endure defeat. More than that, it is the ability to return to the field, day after day when the outcome is already known.

While I am humbled when people are motivated by it, my strength is nothing compared to the strength that fills the smiles you will find in any children’s hospital.

I am not special in my strength or determination (and I am most definitely not beautiful). I am one of many, a single soldier in an army full of heroes.

Strength is to fail while daring greatly.

Beauty is the grace to accept the helping hand with dignity intact.beautystrength

Beauty is to stay and share your light and to carry your children and your fellow soldiers a little farther down the path.

Why stay?…Why struggle?

Because there is beauty here.

While we may fear the night that is falling on our watch, we should greet it with open arms and a smiling heart. You see, that day that we so desperately tried to hold on to? It had the light of one star. In the night, we are surrounded by them.

Strength is to choose life when life means pain.

Beauty is that light that survives through  the cold void of space and time to reach us from impossible distance.

Where beauty and strength unite is in the eyes that choose to see that beauty, and smile despite the pain.