4/27/2016 – Why I Run Murph on my birthday.

4/18/2016 – After quite a bit of light-hearted shenanigans on the weekly web show where I chronicle our insanely fun weekend training sessions, it was definitely time to get back to our hardcore roots. We’re always trying to keep it fun and not take ourselves too seriously, but usually the most fun is had by just letting the beast off the chain and marveling at the glorious mess he makes.

4/16/2016 – My apologies for the poor quality, My voice was very affected recording this forcing me to edit around quite a few stutters. One day soon these will be shot and edited on much better equipment.A fairly rough draft, but this message has to go out RIGHT NOW. I hope to come back and clean this up, but the message will always rule over the package and when I have something to say from now on, I’m going to say it.

4/14/2016 – NUTS


4/9/2016 – Holding On