3/5/16 – Do you like coffee? How about warm chocolate cake? Peanut Butter? Well, here’s three curve balls for you. Today’s motivation will not just be made in the microwave, and not just in a coffee mug, but it will actually be high in protein and good for you!


Let me start off by giving credit where it’s due. I got this recipe originally from Barbell Shrugged (on the link is a lemon-blueberry version). They have the number one fitness related podcast on I-tunes, a great website and put together awesome training programs. I know! I just finished their year-long Olympic Weightlifting program called Flight. It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, despite the fact that I can no longer really physically do the olympic lifts. The culture they helped create in that program not only made me some true friends around the world, it was instrumental in the concept of Robinson vs Parkinson’s becoming not just an idea in my head, but a real force and a way to live my life with purpose. NO! No more philosophy! We want cake! So here you go:

Dry Ingredients

  • 1 scoop whey protein powder (Cinnamon Bun Syntha6 is my jam) You can use plant based protein, but the cake will be gritty.
  • 1 Tbsp. cocoa powder
  • 1 Tbsp. butterscotch chips (my fave, but dark chocolate was the original recipe)
  • 1 Teaspoon ground coffee (actually optional, but highly recommended)

Wet Ingredients

  • 1 Tbsp. melted coconut oil (butter should be ok, and it’s delicious)
  • 1 beaten egg
  • 1 teaspoon or so maple syrup (will mix better if warm. 1/4 cup of applesauce or some smashed up banana are also fine sweeteners and this is a perfect fate for that ‘nana in your fruit basket that’s just a bit too brown for your liking.)

You’ll also need a tablespoon of peanut butter or Nutella. OK, technically that’s optional, but is peanut butter ever really an option? No. It’s a necessity…just like bacon. (Do not put bacon in this cake!…yet, I’m suddenly curious….hmmm). OK, very simple, first put your guilt away, this is actually healthy and warm cake makes you feel good and be a better person. Look at this as a duty to your fellow man. Next, lightly coat the inside of your favorite coffee mug with solid coconut oil. I won’t be mad if you use butter though. Next, combine the wet and the dry ingredients in two separate bowls before bringing them all together into a fairly smooth, glorious batter, but do not over mix. Do not eat it yet! That is a raw egg in there and Botulism is bad, mmmkay? I know, Rocky did it. Have you heard the man talk? I rest my case. Now, put the batter in the mug and add in a spoonful of peanut butter and microwave for 45 seconds. While waiting, eat a spoonful or two of peanut butter (you’re welcome). Check the cake. It should be firm and spongy. If needed continue nuking in 10 second intervals, but it does overcook quickly. They say you can fidget with a knife to get the cake out, but I think a more efficient use of time and dishes is to dust the cake with powdered sugar, grab a spoon and commence to saving the world. Hey guess what? You just made a cake in minutes with hardly any cleanup and you owe zero time on the treadmill. How inspiring is that?

3/4/16 – Here’s a link to one of my favorite blog posts. It’s called Climbing Mountains and I wrote it last March. Some of the imagery that came to my mind as I wrote it has never really left and the principles that I discovered in the few hours it took to create it have kept the bow of my ship pointed into the wind through a few serious storms these past twelve months. Next up for Climbing Mountains is for me to try to get a good reading of it recorded and have it become one of my next video projects. Enjoy:



3/3/16 – I’m hoping that most of you who find this site have come to be inspired and mildly entertained with my blend of cold, hard honesty and undying optimism that manages to survive in spite of the aforementioned honesty. Assuming that to be the case, today I want to share a great resource that I use when I go looking to get my train moving again. I’ll say this again for anyone who might be new here, (loyal readers, you are as used to hearing this as you are my frequent use of parentheses for mental side treks….Hey! Like this one!) …anyhow, I am nothing special. While I do love it when people are inspired by my struggle, the truth is I’m in need of occasional motivation just like anyone else. One of my favorite sources for a good mental make-over is Eddie Pinero and his web-site and YouTube channels entitled Your World Within.

Your World Within Youtube Channel

In a way, today’s entry is like the old parable about teaching one to fish rather than giving them one. Now Eddie’s material is much better than mine (he doesn’t use as many parentheses as I do though!), so I know I’m risking losing some of my not-so-vast audience, but if I’m serious about being a source for inspirtainment (totally trademarking that!) then this is the right thing to do. Besides, my videos are entertaining in a different way. Namely, that Eddie can’t deadlift 700 pounds! OK, technically, neither can I…yet! (should I have put parentheses around that? oh well, opportunity lost).

The great thing about Eddie’s work is that it’s original. He put’s out great material that he writes himself and even makes his own music! Talent and passion are Pinero’s in spades. The other great thing about him is that he follows me! I can’t tell you how great it is to hear encouragement from someone who’s already very successful in the arena you’re trying to enter. Seriously, I have 36 YouTube subscribers (go sign up! it’s free!) and he has 30,000, yet he subscribes to my channel. When I released my last motivational video, Oblivion, within an hour I had my first and only compliment and it was from him. Now that video may have stopped dead around 60 views, but his support of it tells me I’m on the right track with these video projects.

The real power of Eddie’s work is evidenced in my greatest success, temporarily breaking a state record in powerlifting last November. It had been a long-time goal and something I desperately wanted to do for the Parkinson’s community. The last two weeks of my training found me pretty worn down from an intense peaking program. Then I rediscovered Your World Within and on those last few days of preparation, there was nothing but his Spotify channel running through my headphones. When the Sacramento Open finally came on November 7th, despite everything going wrong in the 24 hours before the meet, my mind was bulletproof and I had the best performance of my competitive life even though I had to carry a 24 hour fast up until an hour before I had to lift. Did I mention my car broke down on my way there? Have you ever had a car break down while carb-depleted? Well it didn’t shake me at all. That’s in large part to his “Ode to Excellence” which I used as the voice-over for my video on the event, ” Live Your Life “. If you watch it through to the end, you’ll see I credit Eddie, saying, “His was the voice that finally got me over the finish line.”

This has run much longer than I want my dailies to, but hopefully you feel how sincere I am about this being something I want my readers to experience as well.

P.S: Here is a link to his spotify channel. If you happen to enjoy running (I don’t!) (Ha! parentheses!), he has a great playlist from his collection that’s all geared toward running. I even listen to it when I train sometimes. Enjoy! (And if you leave,…be sure you come back!) Your World Within on Spotify

3/1/16 – On the one hand, shame on me for not maintaining this site for a few days. On the other hand, I’ve felt so good lately that it’s allowed me to get into a bunch of different things that I’ve let go recently. I’ve honestly had so much energy lately that it’s brought my insomnia back with a vengeance. (I’ve typically been sleeping from 5am until about noon. Not good!) It’s also been very difficult for me to get anything done because I’m going in a dozen different directions. The thing is, I’ve felt this good lately, not just because I’m finally adapting to the meds, but because I’ve been able to process and use a lot of pain lately. That is the power of embracing challenges and channeling pain and fear into positive energy.

I could tell you all about how “That which doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”. (Actually, I have a shirt that says, “That which doesn’t kill me, should run!” and both sayings are equally true!) I could talk about the power gained in realizing how short even the longest of lives is, but instead, I’m going to keep to my promise of delivering quick daily (almost 🙂 ) motivations, informations, and positivityness. Yes, spellcheck, that is a word! So on that note, the entry for today is a video from Robin Sharma. It’s about 10 lifetimes worth of wisdom crystallized into about a minute or so. If you have more time, I am also linking a longer one from Mr Sharma on dealing with pain. Do yourself a favor, take a look as soon as you get a chance, and if you like what the man says, he’s worth the subscription to his channel on YouTube (It only costs you time after all, but this is time well spent). Enjoy! If it helps, let me know.

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