3/9/16 – Well some days are just fantastic. On a day like today, it didn’t even matter that I was very symptomatic. My mind was in a state that allowed me to overlook my re-empowered tremor and my limp and train like it wasn’t there. I guess that’s the lesson for the day. If you have the will to overlook the EFFECTS of what ails you, be it depression, stress or my favorite, the progressive nervous system disorder, then can live, at least temporarily free of your affliction.

The reason for my temporary cure today is that I received one of the best affirmations that I am on the right path from my man Eddie Pinero of Your World Within. You may have seen my write-up about YWW last week (the link to last week’s page will always be at the bottom of the page that you’re on). Well today he posted my video on his facebook page and gave my work one of the best compliments I have ever received. YWW’s Facebook write-up. 

So naturally, today you get a look at one of my favorites from Eddie, and it really is impossible to pick just one. There is something on that channel for whatever specific boost you might need. So here’s Today Is Yours – The Game Time Anthem my favorite for today. Others, to name a few are 10,000 Hours, Chasing Fireflies, Create Yourself, and, without a doubt, the voice of my own Live Your Life video: Ode to Excellence. Thanks again Eddie for reminding me that I have the power to shed this disease from time to time.


3/8/16 – I think of this fight against Parkinson’s as my Thermopylae. If you’re familiar with the history, it’s a pretty obvious connection. I really identify with all things that relate to honor, duty and valor. I have ever since I was a kid. I know sometimes we can lose the spirit for this fight. Sometimes that voice in your heart that says “Why are you doing this?” just get’s to be too loud. When I’m finding it hard to stay engaged in this “unwinnable” fight, I do the opposite of what many would think to be the natural reaction when they’re spiritually up against the ropes. Rather than focusing inward and trying to challenge and motivate myself, I turn my focus outward. You see, if I thought that I was the only one with a stake in this fight, that honestly might not be enough motivation. Instead, I think about all of the people around me who would be hurt by seeing me give up and succumb to this disease. My kids. My mom. Of course, all of my fellow Peeps with Park’s as well. The Spartans who marched North to fight and die at Thermopylae did so not for themselves, but for their families, neighbors and countrymen. In that way we PwPs are a lot like the ancient Greek city-states. We all are our own individual entities, living our lives by our own means and our own laws, but in times of need, like when the Persian horde is on the warpath, we all form one great phalanx of interlocking shields. When times are dark and that voice is rising above a whisper, think about how many others are inspired by your courage. Think of how many might leave the battlefield with you if you walked away. When you make yourself beholden to others that you care about, the will to fight becomes much easier to hold. The Spartans didn’t hold the Hot Gates through days of hellish combat with any notion that they would walk out of there. They fought for time, just like we do and they knew whole-heartedly, that they were marching to victory anyway. Not a victory in that narrow pass where they would make the invaders pay for their lives a hundredfold, but their victory would be not having to live under the lash of their would be oppressor. If the day ever comes when PD does win (and this is not assured!) you will want to know that you did everything you could in your fight, leaving nothing in your soul unspent. Sure enough, months after their noble deaths, the Spartans who held the hot gates to the last man did achieve their victory when the united Greek army destroyed the Persian host on the fields of Plataea. Their sacrifice both emboldened and inspired their countrymen to rally and it shattered the hearts of the Persians who had to go through such hell just to set foot on Greek soil. There is an inscription at the site of the battle that ensured the survival of western civilization. It reads “Go tell a Spartan passerby, that here, by Spartan law we lie”.

So what I’m telling you is that your fight is not just for you. It is for your ability to look yourself in the eye, and it is also for the soldier holding the shield next to you. When you can make yourself see those things, you’ll find your will to fight.

Here is a link to my original post on this subject, written last year. If you’ve not had  enough of reading of honor and glory, please read on! MY THERMOPYLAE.

michael-j-fox-155082l3/7/16 – “One’s dignity may be assaulted, vandalized and cruelly mocked, but it can never be taken away unless it is surrendered.”
Michael J. Fox




3/6/16 – My newest post. “A LIFE” in memory of my step dad, Dennis “Bud” Shingle. A difficult story to write, not because of personal pain over the loss, but because the lesson we must take from him is what NOT to let happen to our lives.


3/6/16 – Just in case you’re feeling like you can’t win, that life is too hard or that you’ll never be who you want to be. You can, it’s not and you will.

“Everything you gain in life will rot and fall apart, and all that will be left of you, is what was in your heart.”   -Jim Carrey