3/17/17 – Well this is simple. My goal being to provide inspiration, motivation and a touch of entertation, (don’t start with me spell-check) the best I could possibly give you today is my new favorite motivational video from friend of the blog, Eddie Pinero’s “Your World Within”. Seriously, this is a must. You’re welcome.

3/16/16 – This cannot be the good for you. The picture behind the 500lb squat and the 635lb deadlift. A little glimpse at life and training with PD. The thing is, this is nothing compared to most of my Peeps with Parks. Each dose taken on an empty stomach to increase absorption when as a competitive powerlifter, I should never be hungry. No food, especially protein for an hour after. A little nausea and extreme drowsiness after each dose and all this is still not fixing my limp or my tremor much, so now I look forward to DBS brain surgery later this year. Who knows how much I can accomplish after that? The funny thing is, without the curse of Young Onset Parkinson’s Disease, I would still be stumbling through life from day to day, not realizing the value just being alive. Personally, I think it’s worth it.


3/15/16 – Truth:


3/14/16 – Adapting to the idea of DBS brain surgery is easier than I thought. Quick game of catch up: Friday tele-medicine (Skype) call with Dr Katz. Current levels of Sinemet/Lodosyn, etc. not effective enough and still making me sick. Dr Katz says that DBS is the best option and I agree. Appointment with the top DBS surgeon in 2-3 months. Going to push it until after my powerlifting meet in July. My plan: Set IPL World Record in the Deadlift for semi-old, semi-tubby class on July 23rd, have brain surgery July 25th, return to the gym August 25th and see what I can do when healthy. I am also volunteering for a study. They will install a “brain radio” that will track brain wave activity that will supply data needed for developing a self-adjusting DBS unit.