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Allan Thrall’s 22 Squats for 22 Troops Challenge. VALOR AND GRACE – My Daughter the Shield Maiden. My first Grandchild, Arya Grace Gutierrez! Bulletproof Coffee method.


“A Wolf Among Sheep” Motivational video from Your World Within. A look at the medications a PwP has to take and a bit of a glimpse at their side effects and impact on daily life. a daily truth from Thomas Jefferson. A review of my latest appointment with my neurologist…it’s time to look into brain surgery later this year

ACTA BELLUM – Week 4 Appreciation to Eddie Pinero again, this time for featuring “Live Your Life” on his facebook page. Comparing the fight against PD to The Battle of Thermopylae. Michael J. Fox dignity quote. New Post: “A LIFE”- Describing the value of a life, learned the hard way by the passing of my Step-Dad, Dennis “Bud” Shingle. Repost of “BE INSPIRED – The Heart ofthe Adaptive Athlete.

ACTA BELLUM (WAR JOURNAL) – Week 3 Dealing with pain and two videos from Robin Sharma. A great source of motivation for me, Eddie Pinero’s website and YouTube & Spotify channels. A recycle of one of my favorite posts from a year ago, Climbing Mountains. Protein packed Peanut Butter Mocha Mug Cake.

ACTA BELLUM (WAR JOURNAL) – Week 2  An explanation of my writing, but no apology. The new post and video, OBLIVION. A frustrating day that would lead to a very great turnaround just two days later.

ACTA BELLUM (WAR JOURNAL) – Week 1  Ben Howard  Oats in the Water. Farewell to my Stepdad, Bud. Knowing your limitations while still pushing your boundaries. Original writing: my new mantra – Gunslinger’s Requiem. The Laughing Heart by Charles Bukowski. My video “Live Your Life” crosses 500 YouTube views and is starting to gain views daily. Powerthroughproject.org. “The Mind” by Mateusz M. “Farewell Life” by Arn Anderssen & Nights Amore. Intro to the new format.